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New York
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Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
John Lennon Memorial ~ Strawberry Fields, Central Park
John Lennon Memorial
Strawberry Fields, Central Park
New York City has always been a special and important city in the world. It is viewed by everyone around the world as a symbol of international blending... of commerce... of cultures... of the rich diversity that comprises our world.

Since September 11, 2001 it has taken on an even greater significance to the planet. It is the site of an extremely traumatic event... one that challenges us at every level to examine ourselves, our country and our world. The people of New York and the USA came together to face this difficult situation as a family. As we reach beyond our borders to understand more fully the current experience of our global family we search for answers and ideas about how to make ours a better, more peaceful, more loving world. New York City is truly ground zero... that fateful day in September launched what can be a better world, if we use this experience, as all others, as a tool for our own learning and growth. Traumatic events in our personal lives can propel us into new, deeper levels of ourselves. Traumatic events on a collective level have that same potential... to transform and change things in a powerful and positive way.

We can't undo what happened on September 11, 2001. Precious human lives ended on that day. The world is forever changed by this one event. What we do with that... how we work with it... is entirely up to us. Visiting this city, facing all of its pain and joy... is an incredible way to participate in the healing that is needed... in ourselves, our nation and our planet.

The trips that Barry Dennis, Mat Boggs and Nola Drazdoff lead to New York are designed to facilitate a deep, introspective journey into oneself while experiencing the heart of this city and the best of America! Join them for an experience of New York unlike any other!

“I thank you ALL for allowing me to see my hometown from a different set of eyes, ears, and "state of mind." To experience it from a spiritual perspective, was truly uplifting. Thanks for getting a "Jew from Queens" to a Baptist C hurch in Harlem via Wilsonville Oregon- awesome. You were all so motivating to me, and it just felt right.
Thank you GOD.

Love, Peace & fugeddaboutit,”
~ Randy
“This trip was a phenomenal experience. I loved the "Pay It Forward" theme, and really appreciated the way music was integrated into every experience, to set the tone, and heighten and enhance our awareness.

There was a good balance between planned activities and free time, and the activities that were planned couldn't have been more fulfilling. I returned home feeling spiritually enriched and energized.

I would have trouble choosing a highlight of this trip. As each day unfolded, it became my favorite!

This trip provided a rich tapestry of experience, with memories that will last a lifetime, thank you so much!”
~ Trudy
“After almost three weeks the spell remains - what a fantastic experience - what an emotional ride - what glorious souls with which to share it all. The whole trip was a spiritual voyage that shall never to be forgotten.

To the three who made it a reality:
~ Tour participant, New York
“Here is a note emailed to one of the tour participants, by a New York fire fighter who read our envelope full of prayers that we left at St. Paul's chapel...

Hi Heather, I just got home from ground zero after working the overnight shift. (it was 13 hours) plus two hour drive to get there in traffic and about one hour and twenty minutes to get home. I live on long island. Now that I'm done telling you that, let me tell you about me. I work for the fire dept. of New York City. (FDNY) After about 13 hours into my long day I went to Saint Paul's Church for some food and rest. The church is right there at ground zero. The people there feed us and treat us great. All around the church people hang up stuff from all over the US and world. (I'm not sure if you've been there). Well I started reading some of the things and I saw the notes from Oregon. Thank you for your note I needed it. And I'll always try to pay it forward. It's my way of doing things. Well I've been up since the day before yesterday and its time for bed! I hope I'm not too tired for you to understand what I wrote or for me to spell this right. Please tell the other people who wrote THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!”
~ Steve FDNY

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