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“Glorious it is when wandering time comes.”
~ Eskimo song
“The best part of being with, traveling and exploring with Nola, is quite simply this...she makes every aspect of the trip fun, interesting, exciting and alive, full of heart and soul.”
~ Paul Epstein, ND, Co-Founder, Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Nola teaching in Jerusalem
Nola teaching in Jerusalem
“I don't know how to thank you enough for such a life altering experience. It really made me a different person. I'm changing my attitudes and my outlook on my daily routine. You have opened my eyes to a new way of assessing life and seeing things as they are and the possibilities that lie out there if we reach for them. The next time you see me you will see a totally different person. I am so looking forward to the next trip I take with you... and am anxious for my next lesson in life from a very young but oh-so-wise mentor”
~ Journey participant
“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”
~ Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey
Bahai Temple, Haifa Israel
Bahai Temple, Haifa Israel
“For in their hearts doth nature stir them so, Then people long on pilgrimage to go, And palmers to be seeking foreign strands. To distant shrines renowned in sundry lands.”
~ Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
“Nola is an extremely wise, caring, sensitive and powerful woman. She is an excellent speaker, coach and therapist. Her deep commitment to a spiritually based life combined with her organizational skills, integrity, and knowledge of the "ins and outs" of world travel insure that participants in her journeys have a very powerful life changing experience and a great deal of fun at the same time!”
~ Chuck Bruni, Ph.D.
Transpersonal Psychotherapist
“Nola, thank you for the experience of my life. I learned so much and it is staying with me. I wish I were wealthy. I would follow you on all your tours/journeys! Bless you my dear.”
~ Journey participant
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Inspired Path® Tours
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Inspired Path® Tours
Welcome to Inspired Path® Tours with Nola Drazdoff. It is my great privilege to offer Inspired Path® Tours to spiritually powerful places on the planet. Travel has been a big part of my own personal and spiritual growth process for many years. I absolutely delight in facilitating powerful, positive travel experiences for enthusiastic travelers!

Inspired Path® Tours provide the opportunity to:
Visit spiritually rich places on our planet
Travel with like minded spiritual seekers
Undertake an inner and outer journey under the guidance of a dynamic spiritual mentor and teacher
Learn about a variety of spiritual traditions
Nurture your desire to grow and develop personally and spiritually
Experience the destination deeply in a way that relates directly to your present life circumstances
Utilize your travel experience as a catalyst for your own transformation
Have a lot of fun learning, exploring and growing

For several years, I have been aware of an increase in the desire to travel. People seem to be going everywhere! Even people who had never been attracted to traveling have been starting to feel deep yearning to go… to explore… to experience something outside of their ordinary experience. I believe that this is a deep yearning for us to experience our inherent unity... with each other, the planet and with Spirit. This yearning to connect and feel oneness is a positive and powerful phenomenon.

The events of September 11, 2001 have temporarily sidelined many people's travel plans, and have in some cases dampened that new, emerging desire. I believe, however, that one of the messages of 9-11 is that we must wake up to our inherent oneness as a planet and as one people. The fear of 'what might happen' if we fly, or go to other countries is part of a blockage of the healing energy that has the potential to emerge at this time.

Balinese Rice Terraces
Balinese Rice Terraces
I think this desire to explore and connect with other people and places on the planet will continue to expand and will reemerge stronger than ever. The fear that separates cannot prevail over the stronger expression of love and divine connection. The will to travel and connect is a planetary cal beckoning us into a higher conscious realization that we are one family. I believe that travel and the connection it creates will play a role in creating peace and harmony on our planet.

Mt. of Beatitudes, Galilee Israel
Mt. of Beatitudes, Galilee Israel
There are many ways that one can travel. The increased demand for travel opportunities in creating a wide variety of options in how to do it. It seems that there is an emerging hunger for travel that goes beyond simply 'taking a vacation' and relaxing in a beautiful place. The Inspired Path® Tours I lead have been created to address this growing interest in more conscious, deliberate travel.

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Our Approach
Traveling is a wonderful way to shift our perspectives and expand our views beyond what we have always thought and believed. Most people love to travel because it automatically gets us out of our routines, ruts and comfort zones. Inspired Path® Tours takes this concept one step further. Using the fact that we are in a new environment as a foundation, Inspired Path® Tours travel provides opportunities to participate in inward, personal journeying simultaneously with the outer geographical journeying.

The Western Wall, Jerusalem Israel
The Western Wall, Jerusalem Israel
Our itineraries are specially selected to incorporate as many spiritually potent sites and experiences as possible. We always secure the services of spiritually minded local guides who are fluent in the language(s) of the destination and who are experts in the history and practicalities that will help us make the most of our touring time. Blending the unique Inspired Path® Tours perspective of travel with the best local travel companies, guides and drivers, guarantees a high quality, powerful and transformative journey. You can rest assured that much expertise, reflection and intention is going in to every moment of your trip.

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Intentional Travel
Sunrise on the Ganges, India
Sunrise on the Ganges, India
We base our trips on an idea that I call, "intentional travel." Intentional travel is journeying with a goal of being consciously aware of the possibility for learning and growth through all aspects of the travel experience. The essential purpose of every trip is to facilitate our spiritual and personal growth and development. We travel with an intention to be changed and transformed... to let the place, culture, people and their spirituality wash over us and reveal to us our deepest, truest selves.

At the same time we are experiencing the power of the physical location. We learn about the history, culture, spiritual traditions and the people there and we relax and find inspiration in a beautiful and exotic destination! It is a multi-faceted experience, far deeper than just 'taking a vacation' or 'going on a tour.' It is truly a spiritual pilgrimage.
“Traveling on a journey with Nola was a treat. Her love and knowledge of the country and its people made this an amazing journey. Fabulous fun and an inspiring itinerary. Nola's guided meditations and daily inspirations made this a conscious journey bringing me to new places in myself as well as in the world.”
~ Journey participant
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Personal Journey
There is an experiential component to the Inspired Path® Tours that I lead. At most sacred sites there will be readings, guided meditations, directed journaling/meditation/contemplation processes (done privately) to facilitate a deeper, more personal experience of each place. There will be prayers, songs and some spiritual practices from the various traditions represented in the destination we are traveling in. The goal is to deeply engage with the place... beyond what one might experience if traveling with a regular tour group. This type of travel is geared to self-exploration within the context of outer exploration of place.

“This tour is one which will remain with me forever. I am thrilled with the results I experienced personally as well as the new friends I made on the trip. Thank you Nola for your leadership, your insights and for being you.”
~ Journey participant
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What We Take With Us
Pyramid in Egypt
Pyramid in Egypt
Intentional travel is based on a tremendous respect and reverence for the places, people, cultures and spiritual traditions in the locations that we journey to.

As much as 'intentional travel' is about what we receive through our journeying, it is also about what we take to the places that we travel.

Our love, attitude of respect and reverence, our understanding... all are gifts that we bestow on the wonderful people who call our vacation destination home. We have a unique opportunity to be the face of love, acceptance, caring and peace to every single person we encounter. The world becomes a smaller place when we build bridges everywhere we go.

Intentional travel through Inspired Path® Tours is an important opportunity to be ambassadors of peace and good will around the world! We can model spiritual openness and acceptance every step of the way.

Please join me on a Inspired Path® Tour. It will be an opportunity unlike any other to facilitate your spiritual and personal growth. As we heal and transform ourselves individually, we heal and transform the world.

It's what I believe that we are here on earth to do.

Love and light,

Nola Drazdoff

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