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Inspired Path dragonfly
“Grow spiritually and help others to do so.

It is the meaning
of life.”

~ Leo Tolstoy
“Nola brings tremendous passion, commitment, caring and integrity to every aspect of her work. As a spiritual guide and teacher, she truly respects, nurtures, and trusts each person's unique process of personal growth and healing.”
~ Paul Epstein, ND,
Co-Founder, Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine
“Dig a well before you are thirsty.”
~ Jonathan Swift
Nola Whispering in God's Ear
Whispering in God's Ear, Egypt
“Divine destiny... what more can I say? Meeting and working with Nola has literally transformed my life! The depth of her caring, wisdom and insight is astonishing and difficult to describe. In short, she has helped me to reconstruct the lens through which I view my life and the results have been truly amazing! Nola illuminates, challenges and inspires you to open your eyes and heart to life's infinite possibilities and to walk your path with greater awareness. Nola is a precious friend and an abundant source of light, laughter and love.”
~ Coaching Client, Boston, MA
“Plunge boldly into the thick of life!”
~ Goethe
Nola and friend in Nepal
Nola and friend in Nepal
“May you live all the days of your life.”
~ Chinese Proverb
Side canyon oasis, Grand Canyon
Side canyon oasis, Grand Canyon
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About Nola Drazdoff
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Picture of Nola Drazdoff
Nola Drazdoff
Nola Drazdoff is the founder of Inspired Path® Inc. She holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from Antioch University in Seattle, WA. She is an ordained interfaith minister through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City.

She has been providing spiritual counseling and life coaching services since 1993.

Prior to focusing on spiritual work, Nola worked full time in the computer software industry. Her professional background is rich and diverse. She holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Business from the University of Puget Sound.

She worked extensively in systems analysis and software design and development for many years, including running her own customized software development company. Her unique and comprehensive business experience enables her to blend that knowledge with spiritual principles to provide sound business consulting in conjunction with professional and personal life coaching. She still enjoys consulting in the areas of software design, systems analysis and technology integration.

Nola with Dewi, Bali
Nola with Dewi, Bali
Studying psychological and spiritual principles has been a passion for Nola since 1984. She has vast knowledge of how to practically apply these principles to all areas of everyday life. These principles have had an amazing impact on her own life and she has a passion for sharing them with others. Nothing excites her more than to see people's lives transform!

Nola assists people on the spiritual journey in a variety of ways. She is a spiritual teacher, counselor, coach, mentor, consultant, speaker and spiritual tour leader. She works with individuals and groups in a variety of settings to help them fulfill their maximum potential and achieve their life goals.

Nola with priest of Batur Temple, Bali
Nola with priest of Batur Temple, Bali
Energy and enthusiasm infuse Nola's speaking and teaching. When you listen to her speak you can feel that her words are coming directly from her heart. She combines an entertaining manner of speaking, using personal anecdotes and stories, with the presentation of ideas from ancient wisdom traditions, psychology and philosophy that can truly transform lives.

Nola is skilled at inspiring people with confidence and a strong belief that they can do whatever they set their minds to! She calls forth in people a winning, persistent and motivated approach to dealing with adversity, overcoming obstacles and living a full and abundant life.

Are you ready to live life on an inspired path? Nola can coach and guide you to embrace your own inspired path through life. Her mentoring and support can help you attain your heart's deepest desires!

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
and Where there is sadness, joy.”
~ St. Francis of Assissi
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Nola believes that people have capabilities far beyond their wildest imaginings. She operates from a premise that everyone on the planet is born with a special gift and contribution that is uniquely theirs to offer the world.

Nola sees life as a spiritual process of learning, growth and evolution.
Prosperity Temple at Besakih, Bali
Prosperity Temple at Besakih, Bali
She comes from a perspective that teaches us to embrace all our life experiences as opportunities for learning. We can choose to engage with our life experiences as victims or as co-creators. When we own our power as co-creators nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams! The emphasis in her approach to assisting people is to help them tap into their own inner wisdom, strength and power. She firmly believes that we already have within ourselves everything we need to live full, healthy and prosperous lives.

Another important piece of Nola's philosophy is that life is an integrated whole, and who we are at our core is the common element woven through all of our experiences. Nola helps people realize that by working on themselves they can maximize positive shifts and changes in all areas of their lives. She believes that this type of approach is much more effective than working on individual issues in isolation.

Ankh on temple wall, Egypt
Ankh on temple wall, Egypt
Nola teaches spiritual and psychological principles with a conviction and passion that inspires and motivates people to pursue the most satisfying and rewarding lives possible. She focuses on teaching empowering perspectives, skills and strategies that are directly applicable in the real world.
Whether you encounter Nola as a teacher and coach, hear her speak, or travel with her to spiritually tour in a far distant land you are guaranteed to be touched and changed by the experience. Her special style of spiritual guiding and mentoring will surely lead to powerful, positive changes in your life!

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About the Dragonfly

A note from Nola on the dragonfly...

Why a dragonfly? The dragon fly was selected as the logo for Inspired Path ® Inc. because of my special relationship to this amazing creature.

Ultimately, I consider the dragonfly to be a powerful symbol full of meaning. The process of how a waterbug turns into a dragonfly is, to me, a clear metaphor that explains our own spiritual transformation. The water bug of the muddy pond world transforms into a creature of light, air, flight... freedom. The old 'form' must completely die in order for the new 'higher' form to emerge. Do you think a waterbug could ever even envision life as a dragonfly? Would it even know that the dragonfly life is possible? We are much the same. Most of us have no idea what is actually possible for us to become or what our spiritual destiny is! The dragonfly's process is a powerful way to look at our own spiritual journey and the many, many transitions and changes that we go through as we walk our path in life. For that reason I am attracted to the dragonfly. But how I was introduced to the dragonfly is a story that started a long time ago...

The dragonfly is a powerful spiritual symbol
The dragonfly is a powerful spiritual symbol
Anyone who knows me, knows that I have had some exceptional spiritual teachers in my life. One of my primary teachers was and is Jack Boland. Jack was the founder and senior minister of the Church of Today in Warren Michigan. Jack made his transition from physical life on earth on March 4, 1992. His impact on my life has been incredible. I lived in Michigan for a year in the late 80s and attended the Church of Today during that time. I was blessed to hear Jack speak every Sunday and Wednesday for an entire year. What a gift! The story of how I found my way to Jack's church is a miracle story of its own. Let's just say that it was divine destiny for me to move to Michigan... and it had everything to do with meeting Jack Boland, and the astounding personal and spiritual transformation facilitated by that blessed event!

Jack used to tell a fabulous story every Easter. It was a story that explained physical death, by using the beautiful example of waterbugs turning into dragonflies. The Waterbug Story is written by Doris Stickney. At the time I first heard Jack tell the story, it really helped me in my own understanding and acceptance of physical death, and I dearly love this little story! I have used it at all of the memorial services that I have conducted, and I always will. It is a powerful story that helps us all understand and accept the mysteries of life, death... and most importantly of profound transformation, which is ultimately what life, and death, are all about!

Jack's telling of the waterbug story is what introduced me to a new personal relationship to the dragonfly. I had found a powerful metaphor that was profound in its simplicity and its truth.

When Jack made his transition in 1992, I started to see dragonflies as my own special connection to him. I started to see them in unusual places at unusual times... and I am convinced that they are messages from his spirit directly to me!

“Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
Dragonfly exploring...
When my own father made his transition in September of 1997, I had a powerful dragonfly experience right after his passing. I received the news of my dad's death on a Sunday morning. I quickly gathered my things and started the long drive from Seattle to my childhood home in Oregon. I had stopped along the way to get myself a cold drink. As I was preparing to pull my car out of the parking lot back on to the highway, I was mesmerized by the biggest dragonfly I've ever seen, hovering right in front of my windshield, right in front of my face! It was looking right at me... and it just hovered there for what seemed like a very long time. I really felt it was my father's spirit presenting itself to me in a form that had great spiritual significance to me. I felt it as a message from my Dad telling me that all was well... and he was well. It was a very powerful and sacred moment. I knew at a deep level that everything was truly right and divinely perfect.

Since my dad's passing I frequently see two dragonflies flying together... and I always interpret this to be Jack and my Dad... lovingly providing reassurance and support to me as I continue my earthly journey.

I am most grateful for the gift of the dragonfly... as a creature of profound spiritual metaphor, a personal source of encouragement and reassurance... and of graceful, serene beauty!

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